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ROME10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

The Colosseum Italy 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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Rome is the largest city and the capital of Italy. It homes the famous UNESCO world heritage– the colosseum, Palatine Hill, the ancient Roman Empire, the Vatican, and the three coins in the fountain. While walking through the routes of Rome, you might travel back in time (thanks to the excellent maintenance of these age-old monuments). Apart from the numerous historic sight scenes, the city is also gastronomical heaven for food lovers. One must hit the local cafes for the best experience of the local taste and ambiance.

MILAN10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

The Milan – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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One who follows football will be familiar with sempre to Milan! Forza Milan! Sempre means love and union, and Forza is strength. Milan city is the embodiment of these adjectives. It is also the global capital of fashion and design; the streets have smartly dressed boutiques waiting to offer the fashionable collection to its visitors (heavenly sight for shopping lovers).

The city also has many mesmerizing sights to visit, the gothic structures which stand throughout the times of history. Milan’s Duomo is the most impressive structure situated in Piazza del Duomo (the cathedral has witnessed over six centuries of past). The city is abundant in art, culture, and architectural treasure. Some famous sights one must not miss are- Leonardo Da Vinci’s last supper, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (first of Milan’s modern architecture homing many luxury shops and elegant cafes), Pinacoteca di Brera and more. The list of eye-pleasing sights is nearly endless.

Naples10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

The Naples – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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The city of Naples is famous for its food. Pizza, as we all love a slice with extra cheese and toppings was originated here. The bustling cafes and local food shops are the soles of this city. Besides the delicious smell luring in the air. This place has a lot to offer to its visitors. The list of attractions and sight scenes is extremely long as there is an abundance of art galleries, museums, gardens, squares, churches- making it a rich destination of heritage and aesthetics. One might prefer to walk the routes of Naples as there is a sight to behold at every street, corner, and alley. To intensify the beauty of this destination, travelers must consider the towns and beaches near Naples. Pompeii, Herculaneum, Amalfi Coast, or the romantic Capri. One must take some time and visit Naples to avoid missing out on places to visit or local cuisines to taste.

PISA10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

Pisa – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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Pisa is one of the main cities in Italy for tourist attractions. The Piazza de Miracoli (which also means square of miracles) has the world-famous leaning tower of Pisa besides the cathedral and the baptistery. The whiteness of the monuments laid upon the green carpet of grass is an artistic delight to the visitors. The city is beside the river Arno. The sunsets are beautiful sights that one must not miss. On the south bank of the river, there is the little church of Santa Maria Della Spina, and a few minutes’ walks away is another major tourist spot, the Piazza del Cavaliere.

The city of Pisa is also famous for its growing nightlife with lively cafes and jolly bars. Visitors might also want to drive to the beaches nearby to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

FLORENCE10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

Florence – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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At the foot of the Apennine mountains stands the blossoming Mediterranean city Florence. It is full of historic buildings representing Italian renaissance architecture. This city is one of the highlights of European trips here the great painter Leonardo Da Vinci learned to paint. There are renowned shops where tourists would enjoy shopping, especially the specialties such as leather sandals and handbags. If one is an art lover, then they wouldn’t want to miss the Uffizi art gallery and Palazzo Pitti, Basilica di San Lorenzo and more. The outdoors is full of sculptures. Florence is one of the most culturally rich destinations in Italy.

VERONA10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

Verona – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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Famous for the Shakespeare reference in the famously tragic love story Romeo and Juliet. This city gives a renaissance romantic ambiance. This is known to be northern Italy’s most attractive tourist destination. It has an amphitheater built in the 1st century AD and is now a famous tourist spot (Roman Arena), added with local wine, art galleries, beautifully built bridges of fascinating architecture over Lake Garda, and countless churches.

VENICE10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

Venice – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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Venice is famous for its Grand Canal with its gondola rides, “the floating city” is unique in its form. The Piazza San Marco, where St Mark’s Basilica is situated is another major tourist attraction. However, to feel the magic of this city, leave the maps and grab a bottle of local wine and get on the gondola (one can negotiate prices and time of the ride). Start walking through the streets, and explore what Venice has in store for you.

BOLOGNA10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

Bologna – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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Bologna might not be on the list of fancy destinations in Europe trips, but not visiting this place means you are missing out on delicious food, the beauty of the medieval setting of the city, and full of young people (due to its famous universities). It is worth visiting for the churches alone as one is more strikingly attractive than the other, the city has super tall towers (over 100 ft), and arcades. One can click pretty aesthetic Instagram pictures.

GENOA10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

Genoa – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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Genoa is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and Pesto Genovese. It has a rich maritime history. The history buffs would enjoy a visit to Galata Museo del Mare to see the illustrated maps and submarines. The lively piazzas and medieval architecture add up to the enthralling experience. The city center also boasts of housing the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Few other sites are the largest aquarium of the Mediterranean, admirable architecture of San Lorenzo Cathedral, Piazza de Ferrari, street arts at every alley.

Unlike other ports, genoa’s marine port was renovated in 1992 and is active. One can end their day with the sunset view at the old port. After all the sight scenes and exploration, do not miss to savor the gastronomy Genoa has to offer.

PALERMO10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

Palermo – 10 Must Visit Cities in Italy

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Palermo, in its course of history, had a parade of conquerors. It was a Greek colony initially in Sicily. Later for a brief period, the ancient Romans flourished. Sicily was ruled by the Arabs, from the 9th to 10th century, and then the Normans came in. So, the architecture of this city will reflex an enigmatic farrago of cultures and styles. The city is a modern port corralled by mountains. The only way to explore the spirit of this energetic metropolitan city is by walking. The scruffy elegance is noteworthy. There are museums, churches, theatres but they aren’t the highlight of this city. What makes Palermo interesting is the lively market places – The ballaro market and the Capo market. The sellers sing and chant to get the buyer’s attention. It is interesting to watch and try new things in these markets.


Travelling through the routes of cities in Italy, you will find yourself constantly pointing your camera at some majestic view waiting to be stored in your memory.

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