1 day tour to the Isle of Capri Italy !

Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Capri is a beautiful island that falls on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy. Isle of Capri Italy is famous for many things such as it’s breath-taking natural beauty, delicious food, and an out of the world shopping experience.

If you happen to be at Sorrento or Naples, you can easily take a trip to Capri and see the entire island in a day tour. One-day itinerary that you will require for your Capri Trip

Isle of Capri Italy

Group Tour in Isle of Capri Italy

When you visit Capri, Italy on a group tour, it becomes super affordable rather than touring the island on your own. The prices for a Capri tour from Sorrento start at EUR 55 per person for a full-day tour whereas if you decide to take a Capri trip on your own, then a single ride for a high-speed Ferry can give you a set back of EUR 40 per person. Here there are Number of options for touring to Capri

Please remember that a Capri trip during July and August might get strenuous because of the increase in the no. of people in a crowd. We’d suggest you visit all the interesting sights and activities ahead of time and not try to fit them all in a day’s tour. On summer days, we’d suggest you visit La Piazzetta between early in the morning and afternoon, and spend the rest of the day at the beaches.

Starting the Capri trip

Blue Grotto- Isle of Capri Italy

As we have already pointed out that one or a group needs to arrive at 9 am and visit the isle of Capri as early as possible to head first to the private jetty in Marina Grande, which is the departure area for boat tours to the Blue Grotto. Now, you may decide to take a full circle tour, which includes the kick of sailing through the arch in the magnificent Faraglioni Rock Formations, or the smaller tour that only sails to the Blue Grotto and sails back.


Moving On To Anacapri The Chairlift

Anacapri Chairlift- Isle of Capri Italy

Once you have taken the bus to Anacapri, you may now take a chairlift to visit the wonderful summit of Monte Solaro. From there you can see the panoramic views of the Bays of Naples and Salerno. Now, you may descend the slope of the mountain by chairlift or by foot (which may take 30 mins), and if you do so you can also visit the Hermitage of Cetrella at Capri.

Entry Cost and Duration:

The duration of the chairlift lasts 12 minutes, costs about 11 euros, and opens during these specific timings; March – October: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm; November – February: 10:30 am – 3:00 pm.

Best Time to Book a Hotel Capri Italy Trip

Time To Feast Your Bellies And Eyes

The tour of Capri, Italy in a day may sound exhausting, but it is the most rewarding of all. You get to see the most beautiful views and areas around the island and capture these memories in your cameras, phones, and minds. By this entire tour of the isle of Capri, you probably must have worked up quite the appetite, so you can take a break from your group tour and stop for lunch at any one of Anacapri’s restaurants or just grab a quick grub and head to Villa San Michele, which is a house museum that was created by the 19th-century Swedish writer and Physician Axel Munthe, which shows one of the most spectacular views of the Isle of Capri.


Entry Cost:

The cost of entering the museum is only 7 euros and the place opens at 9 am and closes an hour before the sunset.

Move Back With The Pack

Around 3 pm you may now take a bus back to Capri, but make sure that you are stopping by the buzzing Piazzetta to grab a refreshing drink or a coffee, after which you may head Via Camerelle which is famous for luxury shopping with shops that line down the entire street.

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An espresso with table service at Piazzetta costs around 4-5 euros and a glass of wine or beer may cost up to 10 euros. You may stop at the Faraglioni to pose for a few photos but while heading back, you may take the road which is the uphill road on the right which will lead to Via Fuorlovaldo and Via Le Botteghe. And once you find yourself at the Piazetta, you may head back to the port by Funicular train and get to Capri, Italy.

So, on average to visit the gorgeous Capri, your total cost in a group tour should be around 100 euros per head. To get a quick look at the Piazetta and Anacapri you need at least 4 hours but if you’re also planning to take a boat tour you’d need at least 7 hours. A group tour is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to visit Capri, Italy.

You may book tickets to the ferry directly at the port but during the overcrowded months (July and August), you may have to book tickets in advance because the tickets to Capri tend to sell out faster, specifically, the ones which are the return ferries from the isle of Capri to the mainland in the afternoon. If you’re taking a Capri trip during the summer, we’d suggest you plan the tour for a couple of days due to the strenuous overcrowding, else the best time to visit Capri would be April, May, September, and through early October.

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